FlashCards are a social media video that you can easily download and post to any social media site.  With FlashCards, you get a square video that attracts 30% more views and up to 100% more engagement than a traditional landscape video!  We have four different versions of Flashcard Videos available, the Classic, Just Listed, Just Sold, and Open House.

The following requirements must be met for Open House FlashCards to be available:

– Address (must also be checked to display)

-Photos must be 844×564 pixels

– First 8 photos

-Open House must be scheduled from Summary Page. (Need help getting to the Open House section? Click here for detailed instructions. )

  • Purchasing the Open House FlashCards
  1.  Log into your TourFactory account.
  2.  Go to the Summary Tab of your property. Need help getting to the Summary tab? Click here for detailed instructions.
  3. On the left-hand side, click the grey tab labelled “FlashCards Videos”.Just Sold 1
  4. Scroll down to the different Flashcard options, and select “Order & Download – $14.99”.Purchase Open House FC
  5. Continue through the ordering process. Once purchased, the Flashcard will take approximately 5-10 minutes to process. It will then be available for download!

Sharing your FlashCards

Once you have saved your deck of FlashCards to your personal device, it’s ready to upload as a social media post, attach to an email, include in a text — or add to any other sales tool you dream up!  Here are some helpful posts on how to share your FlashCards on your various social media sites:

How to Post a Video to Facebook

How to Post a Video to Instagram

How to Post a Video to Twitter

How to Post a Video to Linkedin

How to Attach a Video Using Gmail

Note: You cannot post to Instagram on a desktop. You have to post using a mobile device.

Note: Facebook defaults to only uploading HD Videos/Photos when on wifi. You will want to change this setting to ensure that your FlashCards Video is posted in HD quality. This can be changed within the Facebook App settings.

For additional assistance, contact us at 888-458-3943 coaching@tourfactory.com