What Is TourFactory Voice?

TourFactory Voice allows buyers to get more information on your property by calling an 800 number while in front of the house.  Some of the benefits of TourFactory Voice are:

  • You will receive a text message with the lead information. This text will include the property address, the time, and the phone number of the person that called the 800 number.
  • Once the buyer listens to your audio recording, they will be sent a link to the mobile tour via text message.
  • We keep your leads on file for you to access and review at anytime.

How Does TourFactory Voice Work?

  1. TourFactory Voice all begins with creating your virtual tour. If you need help placing an order for photography, Click here. If you need help with building your own tour, Click here.
  2. You then choose how you would like your audio message created.  You can either choose text-to-speech, professional narration, or you can record it yourself using your cell phone.
  3. Lastly, you can advertise your TourFactory Voice phone number with a rider sign.  You can either choose a reusable rider sign or create a custom single-use rider sign.

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How Much Does TourFactory Voice Cost?

TourFactory Voice offers a few purchasing options:

  • If you purchase professional photography from TourFactory, then TourFactory Voice is included for free.
  • You can purchase TourFactory Voice on a per-tour basis.  This is $49.95 per tour and it is good for one year.
  • You can purchase the TourFactory Voice monthly subscription for $24.95 per month.  This is good for unlimited tours.

For additional assistance, contact us at 888-458-3943  coaching@tourfactory.com