What Is Changing?

As of January 24th, 2014, TourFactory will no longer support Internet Explorer 8 or Internet Explorer 9. As a technology company, TourFactory likes to stay up to date with our systems and products. This allows us to remain ahead of the curve and continue to be a cutting edge tool for real estate agents.  With these changes, you will receive a few benefits such as: 

  • A Better User Experience
  • A Faster System
  • A More Secure System
  • Better Features

Note: You will still be able to view property websites in Internet Explorer 6 and above, these changes will only affect the agent pages in TourFactory.

Upgrading from Internet Explorer

Windows Vista and Windows XP operating systems are now at least 3 versions behind the current Windows operating system, so they do not have the ability to update above Internet Explorer 9. In fact, Microsoft will no longer provide support or updates for Windows XP after April 8th, 2014. To view their article on this, click here. Because of these changes, you will need to upgrade to another web browser. Below, you will find links that will walk you through downloading another web browser. If you are currently using Windows 7 but do not have the newest version of Internet Explorer, click here to update. Note: If you are switching from Internet Explorer, we recommend using Google Chrome.

To save you time,  you can easily transfer all of your saved bookmarks from your old web browser to your new one. Below, you will find links that will aid you in this transfer process:

  1. To transfer bookmarks from Internet Explorer to Google Chrome, click here.
  2. To transfer bookmarks from Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox, click here.
  3. To transfer bookmarks from Internet Explorer to Safari, click here.

For additional assistance, contact us at 888-458-3943  coaching@tourfactory.com